DATE: 07.2009


Adjusting PCool with G-Code


Dear Answer Man,

I have a Haas VMC with the programmable coolant nozzle (PCool). I know how to adjust the nozzle position manually using the Coolant Up and Coolant Down buttons on the control pendant, but how do I adjust the position in a G-code program?

Sincerely, Andrew

Dear Andrew,

To adjust the coolant nozzle via the G-code program, you must input a coolant position value for each tool when setting up tools on the Tool Offset Page. When the control reads the G43 Tool Length Offset command, the coolant position will be moved to the offset position. You can change the coolant position during the program by using M34 (Spigot Down) or M35 (Spigot Up). These M-code commands increment the coolant nozzle one position at a time, so you may need to put several M34s or M35s into the program to move the nozzle to the desired position.

Remember: M-codes are always executed at the end of the block, so you may need to program the M-code in the previous block, or in a block by itself.

Sincerely, Answer Man